Truck Driver - Laborer at Lancaster Development, Inc.

Lancaster Development, Inc.
Title: Truck Driver - Laborer
Division: Construction
Position Location: Various location in Upstate NY
Summary: Perform tasks involving physical labor at highway and heavy construction projects. Transports and dumps loose materials such as sand, gravel, earth, stone, asphalt or waste products. May also move forms, lumber, other materials and equipment. Oil, grease, service and make normal operating adjustments to equipment. Air brake skills test required for all vehicles that have air brakes. Job requires climbing, sitting/driving, shifting gears, covering/uncovering load, changing wheels, loosening/tightening lugs. May perform other related duties, such as lifting and moving of transported materials. May operate hand and power tools of all types: air hammers, earth tampers, cement mixers, pumps, compressors, surveying and measuring equipment, and a variety of other equipment and instruments. Specific tasks may include the set up and tear down of work zones in traffic, the installation of culverts and utilities, bridge construction, grading, paving and erosion control. May be assigned miscellaneous tasks outside your craft to assist others as required.
Special Requirements: MUST PASS A PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG SCREENING. Must be willing to travel. Must pass DOT physical. Must be capable of strenuous physical exertion and lifting heavy items. Must be prepared to work in all weather conditions. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Overtime is required. 3+ years of experience in industrial, commercial, highway or bridge construction. A valid Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) Class A in accordance with 49 CFR 383.91. CDL Endorsements for Air Brake, Tanker and Hazardous Materials are required. Knowledge of commercial driving regulations is required. Is required to meet APAC, Inc. Driver Qualification Standards.
Starting Date: 03/18/2019
Status: Full Time
Salary: NYS Prevailing Wage
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